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Party and Hospitality signs

Allergy Warning. May contain nuts. Peanuts, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, garlic, citrus, eggs, pepper, sulfites, apples or other allergens may or may not be present. If you have questions, ask. Enter at your own risk. Gluten, dairy, sugar or nut-free options are usually available.

Recently updated to include more allergens people have mentioned.

Note from experience: If you put the "Allergy Warning" sign on the door to your party, put a sign above it that identifies the sponsor or theme or name of the party. Otherwise people will think it's the Allergy Party.

DRINKS. - FOOD. - MILK. - MILK AND ORANGE JUICE. - SODA. - DIET SODA. - WATER. - Ask about gluten, dairy, sugar or nut-free options. - Half & half, soy creamer, milk and orange juice available.

Rarely do I need all of these. If it's a very large room, putting "FOOD" and "DRINKS" on the walls to show people where to find stuff is handy. Otherwise, I generally put the Drinks or Soda on the ice chest. If there's more than one the other coolers might be marked Diet Soda or Water. I put the Milk sign on the door to the fridge, usually.

No drinks beyond this point. Please leave cups, cans, and bottles here.

I put a bus tub near the door, with a couple of these signs near and attached to it. It helps cut down on spilled drinks out in the halls, and it's easy for me to sort out the trash vs. the washable cups vs. the recyclable cans and bottles.

OFF LIMITS. Not ready to serve yet.

Always bring one or two of these per crockpot or rice cooker.


I put the Leopard sign on the lavatory, if it's not available for public use.


Rev. 01-Dec-2018