Welcome to Chaz Boston Baden's server.

Some of Chaz's projects include...

Badge Ribbons

Ribbbon Resources - Nine companies you can order ribbons from, plus information on ordering ribbons through me.

Conventions and Events

Thoughts on convention program support.

Con-Going 101 handout, 3rd edition. Same document, with extra page of California conventions.

Girl Gamer Gathering - One of Maria's projects. I'm her vice chair.

Postcardart.info - a clearinghouse for the art that goes onto some of these conventions' publicity postcards.

Pan Fandom Formal - on hiatus for now.

Costume Camp - on hiatus for now.


These are pictures of people and things at events that I've been to. If I gave you a business card, a badge ribbon, or a little sticker, your picture is probably on here somewhere.

Hazel's Picture Gallery - All of his photos. The "Now featuring" just tells you which ones were uploaded most recently.

Shotbyabear.com - An entry portal that just shows the last batch of photos. An easy-to-use entry portal for Hazel's Picture Gallery.

Fan Gallery - Sponsored by SCIFI Inc., this is one of the traveling Worldcon exhibits.

Miscellaneous Documents

Other documents and signs not listed above.

Pegboard sign plans

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